Kraft Stand Up Pouch



Per 1,000 units 

Our New Zealand made kraft stand up pouch offers a renewable flexible packaging alternative to traditional non renewable petrochemical plastic packaging. Constructed from certified AS5810 home compostable biofilm and kraft paper, our resealable kraft stand up pouches are safe for home or commercial compost, anaerobic digestion and bokashi. 

Kraft pouches can be rinsed in warm soapy water and reused multiple times until film, kraft paper outer layer or zipper is no longer functional. Once unable to be reused, the pouch is a great solution for the diversion of food scraps into organic recycling such as home or commercial compost.

- Made from certified food safe materials
- Made from AS5810 certified home compostable biofilm
- Renewable and regenerative raw materials
- Suitable for printing, hand stamping or printed labels
- Tear tabs at top of pouch for easy access
- Fridge and freezer safe
- Fine metalised FSC cellulose layer for maximum gas and moisture barrier (Sourced from sustainably grown eucalyptus trees)
- Heat sealable and resealable
- Compostable zipper is thicker than the pouch film and can be commercially composted 
- Orders over 50,000 customisable material thickness, structural format, finish, printable
- Minimum order quantity 1,000 units



Our New Zealand made kraft stand up pouch is constructed from certified home compostable biofilm and unbleached kraft paper.

If you don't have your own home compost, visit the following links to see how you or your business can help develop the collection and diversion of organic food scraps and certified compostable packaging from landfill to microbial recycling.

70g - 110mm x 170mm x 70mm
250g - 160mm x 230mm x 90mm 
500g - 190mm x 265mm x 100mm
1kg - 235mm x 340mm x 110mm 

Trials are always a key part of the process to check for both suitability and the shelf life. Your product, storage and environment all impact the materials and performance which is why it is important for trials to be completed with a sample pack prior to an order being made. We do not accept returns unless faulty upon arrival.

To order an alternative sample pack or to purchase further stock to trial, please contact our team at 

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