We design out waste.

Twenty five years in brand development, design and consumer goods packaging led us to the stark reality; we need to be the change to design out waste and keep plastic out of the ocean. 

Salt of the Earth Packaging is made up of a team of problem solvers and designers, ocean athletes and environmentalists. Our deep care for the oceans, the environment and human wellbeing led us down a path of disrupting the petrochemical plastic packaging mainstream.

The microplastics and nano-plastics found in traditional plastic packaging has caused a wave of pollution that is causing extensive damage to the world around us. Not only are they damaging our environment, they are damaging human health as we unknowingly ingest these nano-plastics through water and soils. While the full extent to what impact this is having on human health is unknown, the current research is concerning.


The plastic problem:

  • Plastic recycling is broken
  • As the global population grows, so does the waste we produce
  • Companies need to take control of the waste they create
  • Microplastics and nanoplastics are in the food chain and are impacting human health
  • Soft and rigid plastics will live on for 500+ years after the product has been consumed
  • Plastics don’t break down, they break apart into smaller pieces and don’t go away. Ever.
  • We need to reduce our reliance on petrochemicals and oil industry
  • Up to 50% of household waste that goes into the landfill is organic and could be composted at home along with certified home compostable packaging
  • If every home had a worm farm or access to a compost heap, household organic waste would be diverted from the landfill
  • Certified and accredited home compostable film has been tested to ensure it breaks down in the presence of heat, oxygen, light, microorganisms and water and is non-toxic to the environment

Reducing the amount of plastic in the ocean begins with a seachange - a shift in the consumer mindset.

We design out waste and believe in #packagingforthepeople - packaging that people can understand and manage within their own community. 

We educate change and work with regenerative materials that can be reduced or reused with a focus on zero waste impact. Our materials are chosen for a circular economy and to regenerate natural systems.

We partner with innovators and brand leaders to create regenerative packaging solutions that actually work and defy the norm.

Based in the North Island of New Zealand, we have aligned with world-leading research institutes and manufacturers of new materials to create customised zero waste packaging solutions locally, and overseas.