Alternative materials can have alternative outcomes. 

We advise all of our customers to conduct their own shelf life testing and product suitability testing. While we can make recommendations for which of our packaging may best suit your product, we cannot make any guarantees on the performance or outcomes of the final result. 
Please read below our disclaimers before making your order.

  • Composting results will vary depending on environment, Salt of the Earth make no claim relating to time taken for materials to compost in home compost scenario.
  • Compostable film layers are food contact grade, approved by FDA (FCN No.1818) and comply to EU10/2011
  • Compostable film layers are OK COMPOST, OK COMPOST HOME and OK Biodegradable SOIL certified by
  • TUV Austria in European Union
  • Compostable film layers certified by BPI in North America
  • Compostable film layers are certified Home Compostable by ABA in Australia
  • Compostable film layers renewable content certified by DIN CERTCO, JBPA and USDA
  • It is strongly advised that you store your unused packaging in a cool, dry environment for best outcomes. 

    If you have any further queries or concerns, we are happy to help. Please send us an email or check out our FAQ's page for more information.