Materials Matter. Design Will Save Us.

Man Overboard Furoshiki

seaweed dye

Over the past decade, design has emerged as a leading and fundamental discipline helping humans understand, engage with and shape the world around us.

Salt of the Earth is committed to creating change.

We help organisations own their impact, educate change and reduce their environmental footprint. The problem of waste can be traced back to its root cause as a design failure. We prevent wasteful materials and packaging from being created in the first place to support clean oceans.

Thank you for joining us on our journey of change.


How to use your Furoshiki 

Our handmade nautical Furoshiki will help you practice the art of carrying and live with purpose. This one piece of fabric has multiple uses simply by folding and tying the fabric in different ways.

Furoshiki wrapping cloth bags are perfect for carrying, wrapping, containing, holding or drying. Small enough to be carried in existing bags so when an additional bag is needed you can simply remove, tie and carry. 


Salt of the Earth Packaging Furoshiki

Hand made in New Zealand from natural fibres, our Furoshiki cloth bags are reusable and environmentally friendly.

Designed and made in New Zealand.
Material: 100% cotton
Plastic Free
Worm Friendly
Keep Plastic out of the Ocean


Behind the Scenes 

Live with purpose, own your impact.
Foraged seaweed dye
Hand painted
All natural fibre

Why nautical flags?

We took to the water to explore ways to convey marine or ocean distress. Seafarers and ocean lovers communicate using square nautical flags while on the water. Despite our ever connected world, mariners of every stripe still use nautical flags to communicate.

There are twenty six square nautical flags, each representing a different letter of the alphabet as well as a greater meaning when used alone. We recreated the Man Over Board nautical flag as a Furoshiki bag to create attention, urgency and pause around climate change. The traditional colours of red and yellow were adapted to reflect the natural colours found in the environment using foraged seaweed dye.  

Our hope is that by creating a product of use with deeper meaning we can inspire change and ownership of impact.

Enjoy your Man Over Board.