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Good Farm Shop

Good Farm Shop

Good Farm Shop are a family-run business committed to best-practice, regenerative farming.

With a strong respect for their environment and a love for excellent farm to table food, Good Farm Shop choose to practice regenerative farming for the health of the people and the planet. Based in New South Wales, Australia, Good Farm Shop are passionate about the health of their soil, carbon sequestration and animal husbandry. 

One of the Good Farm Shop's offerings is a regenerative nose to tail meat box complete home-made condiments as well as other regeneratively-farmed produce direct to consumer. As one of their key offerings, they needed packaging that was food safe, great quality, and lined up with their strong regenerative ethos as they ship their goods across the country. 

"Regen packaging is important to us as we aren’t interested in solving one problem yet creating another.  Throughout the whole supply chain we endeavour to give back to the land." 

They found the solution in our Salt of The Earth vacuum seal bags made from home compostable biofilm. Providing a food safe and easily manageable solution for their loyal customers, the vacuum seal bags ticked the boxes for needs; locking in flavour, and offering a regenerative solution at their end-of-life. 
Good Farm Shop are extremely passionate about educating their consumers on the benefits of regenerative farming for human health and the health of our planet, and this extends to their new packaging. When it comes to educating their customers about their home compostable bags, they communicate the end-of-life proper disposal through blogs, social media, EDM's and even cooking classes.
Each month, they put on live cooking demonstrations so that their customers can learn about how to cook some of the cuts they receive in their box, their responsible farming practices that helped create the beef, as well as what the packaging is made from.
"Folks love that the vac sealed bags are compostable."

To find out more about Good Farm Shop and their amazing collection of responsibly farmed products, visit their store here. 

Want to shop our vacuum seal bags? Shop here. 
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