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Regenerative materials for business and environmental transformation CUSTOM PACKAGING

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Regenerative materials for business and environmental transformation Custom PACKAGING

who are we

Salt of the Earth Packaging is an award winning New Zealand based manufacturer and designer of alternative materials and packaging. Our materials are responsibly sourced, regenerative and have a circular pathway in end of life.

We are lovers of the ocean and spend as much time on, in or nearby the ocean. Salt runs through our mind and body each day.

what do we do

We form long term partnerships with organisations and industry globally. Innovation, systems change, education and collaboration are essential components for sea change. We cannot and will not work in isolation.

We assist in the removal of non-renewable hard to recycle fossil fuel plastics from the global supply chain and help to retain material value across business systems.

We supply consumer and transport
packaging and raw materials across

• Packaging converters
• Packaging distributors
• Packaging wholesalers
• Horticultural post harvest facilities
• Horticultural exporters
• Seafood processors and exporters
• Meat and poultry exporters
• Cheese makers
• Alternative proteins
• Mushroom growers
• Design and packaging companies
• Independent brands
• Government organisations

We can supply converted finished packaging or raw materials for independent packaging manufacturers to convert. We are committed to innovating and ensuring the best materials are made available for all.


We are New Zealand based manufacturers of functional materials and packaging that can be organically or mechanically recycled in practice so material value is retained.

Our packaging materials are clearly labelled with information to educate and guide sorting or reuse with printed QR code links to drop off or collection options. We are committed to developing solutions that are circular and can be utilised as a resource in end of life.

All materials are certified food contact compliant with FDA and EU standards.

All bioplastic materials are certified
home compostable to global standards (AS5810)

All biocoated fibre is repulpable to
global CEPI standards (95% or more fibre)

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