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La Tortilla Shop

La Tortilla Shop

Made from local ingredients. Packaged with care. 

La Tortilla Shop makes legendary tortillas on the East Coast of New Zealand. Hand-made from local organically grown corn and using an ancient Aztec process, Tracey and her team are passionate about putting care and thought into their product, from the raw tortilla ingredients through to point of sale packaging. 

Tracey was looking for a vacuum seal bag for her tortillas that performed as well as petrochemical plastic, but was able to be organically recycled at home in a home or commercial compost. She found the solution with our award winning home compostable vacuum seal bags. 

Tracey loves using packaging that has the ability to be organically recycled at home, while still ensuring maximum freshness. 

"We were looking for a vacuum bag that was certified home compostable and also displayed our tortillas well. Salt of the Earth Vacuum Seal Bags were an ideal match - lightweight, transparent, flexible and responded really well with our brand. Thank you for making a great product and making the process easy."

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