Home Compostable Film Offcuts


Heat Sealable - Certified food Safe - Vacuum Sealable - Made in New Zealand

Grab a bundle of offcuts of our two-side seal bags. These bags are the same material as our vacuum seal bags and heat seal bags, with the only difference being it is sealed on the side edges only and open at either end. Seal them yourself and use them for vacuum packing or storing other goods. 

Made in New Zealand from ethically sourced eucalyptus trees, this film is too precious to waste. Offering a sustainable packaging solution for a range of products, this film is:

  • Certified food safe
  • Fridge and freezer friendly
  • Home and commercially compostable
  • Moisture resistant 
  • Have a high oxygen barrier
  • Heat sealable
  • Vacuum Sealable 

    Made to replace petrochemical plastic and suitable for: 
    - Dried food
    - Meat and seafood
    - Liquids
    - Skincare refills
    - And so much more

    300mm x 300mm x 5mm 
    54um thick 
    Transparent film 
    Bundle of 50


    Limited stock available.