Vacuum Seal Bags - Sample Pack


Try our home compostable vacuum seal bags to ensure they will work for your product. 

Our sample pack contains 4x Vacuum Seal Bags for you to test, trial, and be confident they work for your product that requires packaging. Suitable for use on both home and commercial vacuum sealers. 

Our regenerative vacuum seal bags are made from plant-based home compostable biofilm, home compostable adhesives and are food safe, fridge safe, moisture resistant, heat sealable, have a high oxygen barrier and are worm and earth-friendly.

Made in New Zealand. 

Sample Sizes Available:
- Size 1: 110mm x 280mm (available in two thicknesses)
- Size 2: 220mm x 290mm 
- Size 3: 300mm x 400mm
- Size 4: 300mm x 700mm 
- Three side seal bag, open top
- 5mm crimped edge

Size 2: Available in 54um and 78um thicknesses. You can buy a mixed sample pack of this size to ensure you get the right thickness for your product.