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Uroombeauty | Refillable Skincare

Uroombeauty | Refillable Skincare

Uroombeauty are on a mission to create natural beauty products that meet the growing demand for sustainability, from the ingredients to the packaging. 

Originally from Japan, Utako, has always had an interest in aromatherapy and herbs, and even studied biological resource and science in her home country. When she became a mother of two, her passion for creating natural skincare products that were beneficial for both people and planet grew even more.
Uroombeauty was created after Utako discovered the hidden gem that is Samaria Farm - a steam distilled essential oil farm in North East Victoria who are the largest and purest damask rose farm in Australia. She became their sole distributor.

Using such natural and gentle ingredients, it was only natural that Utako wanted to source sustainable and home compostable packaging for her skincare products that was, "as kind to nature as possible." 

Due to the unique nature of her product being quite acidic, she needed liquid-safe home compostable packaging that wouldn't deteriorate too quickly with the product inside. 

Utako did her research, and trialled many different products and companies for an ideal packaging solution.
"I am not sure how many companies I contacted to find acidic, liquid safe and home compostable or biodegradable packaging, but it was many!"
She eventually trialled our home compostable heat seal bags. 
"I experimented with the bag to hold my all 100% pure natural products in these heat sealable bags for a few months. And the results were perfect!"
Utako now uses our heat sealable bags as a refill solution for her skincare. She primarily uses them for the damask facial rose water, lemon surface kitchen spray and lemon myrtle room spray.
"I love Salt of the Earth Packaging's passion and their helpful service. I also love your compostable bag and that cellulose is made from sustainably grown eucalyptus trees!" 
Find more details on Uroombeauty's products here, or try a sample of our heat sealable bags here. 
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